2017 Vision: Prayer, Care, and Prepare

During our October Church Conference we adopted a 2017 Vision for our church family called Prayer, Care, & Prepare. I want to tell you that I am excited as I write this letter. The last several months we have done some introspection as a church. We have examined where we are and the direction we should be going. That has brought us to the end of 2016 and to the 2017 Vision. I know many of us were at our October Church Conference when we adopted Prayer, Care, & Prepare. I also know that many of us were unable to be there so I have decided to write this letter to update us, remind us, and encourage us as we approach 2017.

One part of our Vision is Prayer. Mark Dance of LifeWay said that "there is no historic record of revival or revitalization apart from intentional prayer." We know that as a church family we are in a season of revitalization therefore we must pray. The first step of Prayer will take place during our regular Wednesday services. We will set aside a large portion of those services to respond to the Word in small group prayer. This will change the dynamic of our Wednesday service in order to provide a weekly rhythm of corporate prayer in the life of our church. The second step will be quarterly prayer gatherings. These events will not be services where we will all gather at the same time. Instead, our campus will be open for several hours for us to pray coming and going according to our own personal schedules. During these times we will be guided by scripture to prayerfully address the season we are in as a church.

The second part of our Vision is Care. The book of Acts shows us that as the church grew, needs grew, and the church had to address those needs. We have a Biblical responsibility to care for our people and care for them well. Therefore, with Care we will take steps in 2017 to put our church in a position to see that no-one is neglected. In 2017 we will work to put in place a two-part plan of care that will utilize our deacons and our Sunday School classes.

The final part of our Vision is Prepare. The book of Acts also shows that local churches constantly prayed for unity and were missional minded. In other words they were like minded about their purpose in all that they did. We want to reflect those Biblical principles in our fellowship as well. One simple way we can do this is to have a Biblical mission statement that is specific to our church family and our community. Therefore, Prepare will include two steps. First, we will adopt a Biblical mission statement and secondly we will adopt a logo that reflects that mission statement.

In Conclusion, I hope that you are as excited as I am about implementing Prayer, Care, & Prepare! I believe the Lord is going to use this vision to make us more like Himself! I believe the Lord is going to use this vision to work through us to advance His Gospel in Cairo! I also believe that we are in the first days of an exciting new season in the life of our church family! Praise God!

In Christ,
Andrew Donaldson, Pastor
Andrew Donaldson, Pastor