2018 Vision: Reconnect, Regroup, Regenerate

As your pastor I want you to know that I am very thankful for you. I am thankful for the many ways you have loved me and my family. I am thankful for the privilege of serving our Lord beside you. I am thankful for the days the Lord has ahead of us. I believe God is moving in the hearts and minds of our church family. I believe God has been and is bringing believers to join His work here as a part of our family. I am anxious to see new believers in our midst. I believe if we are faithful to share the Gospel that we will have the privilege of reaping a harvest right here in Grady County. I believe all of this to be a part of God bringing about the revitalization of Eastside Baptist.

Church Revitalization is a slow, steady, and long work. Church Revitalization is an exciting, hope filled, and awesome work. Church Revitalization is a work that only God can do. In 2016 we stepped into this work and in 2017 we dove in with our vision of Prayer, Care, and Prepare. With that vision we began important work to emphasize the importance of prayer in the life of our church family. We started the work among our deacons and Sunday School classes to make sure individuals are cared for among our body. Finally, we refocused our mission to making disciples who will make disciples. We want everything we do, every penny we spend, and every ounce of energy we use to move us toward glorifying God by making disciples who will make disciples. Our hope is that the work we did in 2017 helped us do a better job of making disciples who make disciples for God’s glory.

In 2018 we will once again have a vision that we hope and pray will help us do a better job of making disciples who will make disciples. Our 2018 vision is also three-fold: ReConnect, ReGroup, ReGenerate. We will work to ReConnect with members of our church family that we no longer see on a regular basis with the hope that we can restore our relationship with them. This will be a massive work that will be executed mainly by our Sunday School classes. We will ReGroup by continuing to work in our Sunday School classes to appoint people to be Care Coordinators and Go Coordinators so that our teachers can focus on the teaching of the Word. Finally, we will ReGenerate by making strategic decisions to reach the younger generations in our community.

There is no magic bullet that will cause our church to increase in effectiveness for the kingdom of God but there are steps. In 2017 I believe we took important steps to move in the right direction. In 2018 I believe ReConnect, ReGroup, and ReGenerate will be crucial steps for our church family as we continue to follow Christ together.

I want to encourage you to pray specifically as we finish this first month of 2018. Pray for the Gospel to be preached by us not just from our pulpit but in our homes, in our work places, and as we go about our days. Pray specifically for unbelievers in our county to repent and believe in the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus. Pray for them by name. Pray for the reconnection of those who are disconnected from our church family. Pray for unity among our church family as we seek to make disciples who will make disciples. If we are praying and working for the Kingdom of God we know we will encounter the enemy. I believe one of the first ways our enemy will attack us is by tempting us to make BIG things small and SMALL things big. So as you pray for our church family ask God to help us recognize the BIG things and the small things so that we can keep the BIG things BIG and the small things small.

With Hopeful Expectation,
Andrew Donaldson, Pastor
Andrew Donaldson, Pastor