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Visitor FAQs

When should I visit EBC?

Most first time visitors come to our 11am Sunday Worship service. However you can visit during any of our ministry times.

How long does the Sunday Worship service last?

Our service is usually concluded between 12:05 & 12:15pm.

Is there a nursery?

  • During all of our weekly ministry/service times our nursery is open.
  • We do have a nursery for 0-toddlers. If you would like for your child to stay in the nursery come straight to the nursery when you arrive. You will also receive a buzzer like at a restaurant in case the nursery needs you.
  • However, if you would rather keep your child with you that is perfectly fine. We trust you know what is best for you and your family and we love the noises they make!

What about older children?

  • Prek- 3rd graders participate in the singing portion of our service. Then during the sermon we have children's worship called "Kidz Rock" as an option for them. So bring them to the service with you and after the last song there will be an announcement for all the children going to "Kidz Rock" and an adult will lead them out of the worship service.
  • For our older children and anyone else we provide a Kidz Sermon guide that helps them listen to the sermon and gives them something to doodle on as well.

What is the service normally like?

During the first 25-30 minutes

  • we sing together. Our music could be described as "old & new stuff" "traditional & contemporary" "ancient & modern." But all of our music based on God's Word and the truth found in God's Word. There are some big reasons for this and you can hear more about this by clicking here.
  • we take up an offering but we do not expect you to give as our guest so pass the plate to the next person.
  • we read portions of God's Word together that are displayed on the screen.
  • we are lead in prayer at different times by different people.

During the last 30 minutes or so

  • our pastor preaches. Normally, our pastor is walking through a book of the Bible or a larger passage over the course of a few weeks. So this protects him from his favorite soap boxes or from avoiding certain passages. Most importantly we believe this is how God makes us more like Jesus. To learn more about how God's Word shapes what we do including how the pastor preaches click here and listen.
  • our pastor will extend an invitation at the end of his sermon for Christians to sing and/or to pray in response to God's Word. He will also extend an invitation to unbelievers to respond to Jesus by repenting of their sins and believing in Jesus. During this time a song will play, most people will stand and sing, some will pray, some may come forward to pray, or speak with one of our pastors. Our pastors and members are always available for someone to respond to the Gospel not just at the end our service on Sunday morning.
  • we usually end our service reading a portion of God's Word together then praying together. Frequently our closing prayer is over those who are Going for the Gospel that week whether it is VBS, a mission trip, or something else where they are taking the Gospel to people.

How do people dress?

We ask people to come as they are. You will see khakis and jeans, dresses & pants, heels & flats, buttons & no buttons, collar & no collars.

If you would like to let us know that you are coming click here and we will be waiting for you!

I am coming!